Learning outside the classroom

Flot ny engelsk hjemmeside om outdoor learning

En ny statstøttet hjemmeside om outdoor education er blevet lanceret i England med det formål at promovere Learning Outside the Classroom. Hjemmesiden er stadig under udviklet - og er af blandet kvalitet - men den har en flot samlling af forskning og link - og lægger op til at brugere kan supplere med.
Se selv: www.lotc.org.uk

hvad er the council for learning outside

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom vil samle og promovere arbejdet med ude-undervisning i England. Projektet skriver som sig selv:
The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom will promote and champion out-of-classroom learning, to enable all young people to benefit from increased opportunities for high-quality and varied educational experiences. The Council will become a leading voice for Learning Outside the Classroom, influencing and challenging relevant policy and practice. By raising the profile of out-of-classroom learning, the Council will promote its benefits and aim to increase the number of quality learning experiences outside the classroom.
At present the Council is involved in a process of registering for charitable and company status and the interim board is working with the DCSF to develop ongoing activities to support the aims of the Council.


Malene Bendix