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Request for Outdoor Leisure Education palelists at 2008 World Leisure Congress, Quebec City

Request for Outdoor Leisure Education Panelists at 2008 World Leisure Congress, Quebec City

In 2001, the World Leisure Organization Education Commission developed a position statement on Outdoor Leisure Education. The summary of this document states:

Outdoor Leisure Education (OLE) promotes the development of attitudes, values, knowledge, skills and resources related to leisure in the natural environment.  It includes educational efforts undertaken to improve the relationship between humans and the natural world, and fosters understanding of and appreciation for outdoor leisure choices and pursuits.  It promotes a sustainable environment in concert with mental, physical, social, spiritual, and economic benefits.  OLE is an essential part of human growth and a key component of sustainable and healthy communities.  Central governments, NGOs, school systems for children, communities, and universities, colleges and other education institutions must act on the (OLE) recommendations to create a force for social development, environmental protection, economic development, and alleviation of social issues worldwide.
Foto: Malene Bendix


At the 2008 World Leisure Congress in Quebec City, the World Leisure Education Commission will host a panel presentation highlighting several examples of Outdoor Leisure Education programs. We are looking for potential panelists who could present an overview of a program of Outdoor Leisure Education, who will represent a variety of global locations and variations.

If you might be able to make a contribution to the panel presentation, please contact Dr. Karen Barak for additional information. 

The OLE position statement may be accessed in:

English at this link.

Spanish at this link.